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Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificates (PSIC)

The DIRECTOR GENERAL OF FOREIGN TRADE (DGFT) Government Of India, Ministry Of Commerce And Industry, Department Of Commerce has decreed that the Import of metallic waste and scrap shall be permitted through all ports of India subject to the Importer furnishing a PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION CERTIFICATE as per the format in Annexure I, Appendix 2G, from a mandated PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION AGENCY (PSIA) to the effect that:-

  • The consignment does not contain any type of arms, ammunition, mines, shells, cartridges, or any other explosive material in any form either used or otherwise, and that the consignment was checked for radiation level and it does not contain radiation level (gamma and neutron) in excess of natural background. The certificate shall give the value of background radiation level at that place as also the maximum radiation level on the scrap.
  • The imported item (s) is actually a metallic waste/scrap/seconds/defective as per the internationally accepted parameters for such a classification.

The PSIC is a mandatory document required by Customs at all Ports in India for the import of Scrap Material.



   Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency (PSIA)

A PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION AGENCY (PSIA) carries out verification of the contents of containers which is destined for any Port into India. The verification process consists of both visual inspection at the time of loading and the use of sophisticated equipment to detect the presence of radioactive elements in excess of normal levels on the scrap, explosives or other dangerous materials. The PSIA then issues a PRE- SHIPMENT INSPECTION CERTIFICATE (PSIC) with these details.


is one of the most Competent, Qualified and accredited companies worldwide for the issue of issue PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION CERTIFICATES (PSIC) for material imported into the Republic of India. We are authorised by the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) of the Government of India to issue Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificates (PSIC) as per DGFT public notice No: 20, dated 01.10.2012 in Appendix 2G of the DGFT Hand Book of Procedures (Vol.1).